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Welcome to the Ferrarezi Lab of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) at the University of Georgia.

CEA is a broad term, usually defining the production of specialty crops, edible, medicinal, and ornamental, in indoor systems – frequently in soil-free systems – with the technology to control the environment such as greenhouses and vertical farms/plant factories.

This webpage will share miscellaneous info on irrigation, plant nutrition, hydroponics, and other cropping systems related to CEA. We focus on horticultural specialty crops, including edible, medicinal, and ornamental plants in indoor systems.

We hope you found something that sparks your interest on our website. We would be very happy to answer any questions about CEA. Please check back for future updates.

Associate Professor of Controlled Environment Agriculture
Department of Horticulture
The University of Georgia
1111 Miller Plant Sciences Building
Athens, GA 30602

(706) 201-4909