Hydroponics Club

We want to introduce you to the Ferrarezi Lab of CEA Hydroponics Club, a vibrant initiative from our lab to bring people interested in learning more about hydroponics through experiential learning. Students can get used to the main hydroponics systems and perform basic experiments in this teaching greenhouse during the Summer and Fall semesters. During the Spring semesters, we offer the HORT 3200 “Hydroponics and CEA” class in this space, and students use it as a powerhouse for learning new production techniques in this vibrant field of horticultural sciences. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in participating and volunteering in our lab. We can offer credits if you need them!

The six types of Hydroponics systems

Six types of hydroponic gardening systems
Source: Fix.com Blog: Growing Food Indoors with Hydroponic Gardening