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Donations to CEA Lab

FY2024 (July 1st 2023-June 30th, 2024)

CompanyContact personPhone, emailProduct and quantity$ amountDate, Fiscal year
Growtopia Hydroponics     

FY2023 (July 1st 2022-June 30th, 2023)

CompanyContact personPhone, emailProduct and quantity$ amountDate, Fiscal year
Dummen OrangeBrittany Noble(380) 210-7707, B.Noble@DummenOrange.com400 poinsettias, 1000 annuals, 360 perennials$800July 2022, FY23
JR PetersCari Peters(866) 522-5752, caripeters@jrpeters.com20 bags of 15-5-15 Cal Mag and 20 bags of 15-5-20 Jack’s Nutrients FeED$3,275July 2022, FY2023
Syngenta FlowersAlicain Carlson571 373 2255 alicain.carlson@syngenta.com200 poinsettias, 500 succulents$400July 2022, FY23
AgrifyMicah Gilbert(678) 776-3610, Micah.Gilbert@agrify.com8 Model R1 Grow Light (SAL-630)$6,215August 2022, FY2023
Tower Farms/ Tower GardenBret Bowlin(678) 410-6981 Bret.Bowlin@TowerFarms.comGrow towers, case of rockwool, liquid nutrients$1,891September 2022, FY2023
HaygrovePete Stefanos(805) 441-7673Steel drainage gutters, ~174ft$609October 2022, FY2023
Lareault Nursury, Quebec, CanadaFredrick Laforge(450) 944-1850800 strawberry plugs$480October 2022, FY2023
Crop KingMarilyn Bretlinger(330) 441-245132 8’ NFT channels with tops and caps$1,160October 2022, FY2023
AgrifyMicah Gilbert(678) 776-3610, Micah.Gilbert@agrify.com2 units of Model R1 Grow Light (SAL-630)$1,553December 2022, FY2023
Rayn Growing SystemsHannah Ball(608) 590-8070 hannah.ball@rayngrowingsystems.com92 units of Model Fotono Lights$92,000January 2024, FY2023
NOF – Natural Offset FarmingIsay Hadash+972 (543) 999 9856 ishay@nofcooling.comIn-Kind$17,959May 2023, FY2023
NOF – Natural Offset FarmingIsay Hadash+972 (543) 999 9856 ishay@nofcooling.comPulsa scales$1,913May 2023, FY2023

FY2022 (July 1st 2021-June 30th, 2022)

CompanyContact personPhone, emailProduct and quantity$ amountDate, Fiscal year
Pure FlavorMiguel Puebla(678) 999-7949, mpuebla@pure-flavor.com60 cucumber transplants and 20 RioCoco substrate slabs$200December 2021, FY2022
FibredustToni O’Connor(860) 613-0077, toconnor@fiberdust.com30 grow bags$60Jan. 2022, FY2022
YaraRichard Newman(904) 923-9595, richard.newman@yara.comAssorted hydroponic fertilizers$1,112March 2022, FY22
AgrifyMicah Gilbert(678) 776-3610, Micah.Gilbert@agrify.com18 units of Model R1 Grow Light (SAL-630)$13,980April 2022, FY2022
RioCocoRico(850) 557-0903Case 32mm plugs$250April 2022, FY22
Oasis Grower Solutions, Kent, OHVijay Rapaka(330) 676-4450Substrate for research$1,000April 2022, FY2022
Grodan, Roermond, The NetherlandsPhil Johnson(905) 636-0611Substrate for research$1,000April 2022, FY2022
Jiffy Group, Zwijndrecht, The NetherlandsTaylor Smith(440) 752-9491Substrate for research$1,000April 2022, FY2022
Ellepot, Esbjerg, DenmarkLars Jensen(321) 960-7416 and David Dobos (603) 440-8728Substrate for research$1,000April 2022, FY2022
Riococo, Irving, TXRico(850) 557-0903Substrate for research$1,000April 2022, FY2022
Ceves Beverages LLC, Smyrna, GATomas Ambrosetti(678) 540-3244, Tomas@cevesgroup.comSubstrate for research$3,000May 2022, FY2022